Moorefield, WV

Pet Emergency & Urgent Care

Current dog/cat patients and owners: If you have an emergency outside of regular business hours, please call us at (304) 530-7224 and our answering service operators will answer your call to help to determine if the on-call doctor needs to reach out before the next business day.

Pet Emergency & Urgent Care in Moorefield, WV

For farms/horses seen previously, please call and relay your concern to our answering service operator for them to reach out to the on-call doctor for you.

Pet Emergency & Urgent Care

Our answering service is a nationally known company, and they strive to get the correct information to relay to the doctor. Please be prepared for them to ask our scripted questions to be able to communicate to the on-call doctor appropriately. Our doctor will call these current clients/patients back to discuss the best action. In certain circumstances, 24-hour care with monitoring is necessary. In this case, and the best interest of your pet/animal, you may need to seek another provider with the level of care that our facility cannot provide during after-hours.

A dog being examined by a vet
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